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O    P    T    I    C    I    A    N    S

Eyeballs is changing its Customer Referral Program.


Over the last several years Eyeballs has been offering customer Referral Awards to all of our wonderful friends. The program has been a great success.  Our best advertising has been you.     


Based on customer feed-back, we’ve decided to simplify and enhance our Program.  Beginning now, Eyeballs will award a $25 Gift Certificate for each customer referral we receive.   There is no time or quantity limit on these Gift Certificates. You can’t lose.


If you are one of my many “family” customers, you may use your Awards to get eyeglasses for any member of the family.  


To get your Award, you can:


  • Add your name on the back of one of our business cards, and give it to people      you know I can help, or;


  • You can email us at with the name of the customer you have referred, or;


  • You can call us at 301-253-0734 and leave a message, or;


  • You can do all of the above.



Please note:  Unfortunately our Awards Program cannot be used in conjunction with any sub-standard eyeglass insurance policies.  Please check our Web-Site under "Lyn & Eye" for a discussion of eyeglass insurance programs. 


Remind your friends to get a copy of their prescription from their Doctors.  It’s a big help to me and it’s their legal right under Maryland State Law.


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