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O    P    T    I    C    I    A    N    S

Once thought of as an extravagant luxury, sunglasses are now considered by most optical professionals, to be a medical necessity.  Everyone who spends anytime at all outside should have a pair of sunglasses. 


Think of sunglasses as sunscreen for your eyes.

The sunlight we see is called electromagnetic radiation.  This is in the visible light spectrum of 380 nm to 700 nm.  UV light is in the invisible light spectrum of 215 nm to 380 nm.  This invisible UV light burns your skin and damages your eyes When these areas are left unprotected and exposed for long periods of time.


Polarized lenses block these harmful UV light waves. 

Sunglasses protect the eyes and the adnexa (the skin surrounding the eyes) from overexposure to UVA and UVB light waves. This is especially important for people who spend a great deal of time around water and snow or live at higher altitudes.  The highly reflective nature of a water or snow environment and the intense UV and visible light environment that is present at the higher altitudes, allows for a higher incident of over exposure to the invisible UV light radiation.

Eyes that do not receive the proper filtered protection and are continually subjected to prolong exposure to this harmful UV light radiation will escalate the formation of cataracts and retinal damage. 


Sunlight also contains damaging high-energy blue-violet radiation (415 to 455 nm).  This high-energy light spectrum is also associated with retinal damage.  It is important to note that not only can you receive this light spectrum from good old sunlight…but also from your beloved digital devices.

By wearing polarized sunglasses, you can prevent the sun from damaging your eyes.  By adding a Blue Blocking anti-reflective coating to your eyeglasses lenses, you can block the blue-violet radiation that emanates from your digital devices.


Sunglass brands available in our shop.

Serengeti   *   Costa   *   Revo   *   Champion   *   Nike   *   Liberty Sport   *  Smith    *   Robertson


***All these brands are available with or without prescription lenses***

Serengeti Sunglasses:  The Unparalleled Choice

"The World's Finest Driving Sunglass"



Patented "photochromic" properties are permanently embedded in all Serengeti lenses. 


This photochromic lens is very different from other photochromic lenses.  Regular photochromic lenses change their depth of color by way of VU light.  Your car windshield filters out UV light so regular photochromic lenses do not get dark while you drive.


Serengeti photochromic lenses work on Blue Light, not UV light.  So the lenses get darker, when needed during driving, because your windshield does not block blue light.


The Serengeti Trivex material has superior optical quality and is more impact resistant than polycarbonate lenses. 


Serengeti lenses allow you to experience enhanced contrast and discern shapes and colors more easily, eliminating eye strain and loss of detail.


Haze and glare are dramatically diminished.  Objects appear sharper and more clearly defined regardless of the weather conditions.


Prescription Serengeti Lenses are available through our shop.  Prescriptions in the range of +6 through -8, with up to -4.00 cylinder, in +6 and +8 base curves are available.


Polar PhD (NXT Trivex) is 75% lighter than glass and 10% lighter than polycarbonate.
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