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O    P    T    I    C    I    A    N    S

Eyewear for Children who are Special


Special Needs Children are an active part of Eyeballs USA's practice.  

Lucky for us, Maria Dellapina, an Optician with 25+ years of experience,

has designed a terrific eyewear line for children with Down Syndrome.  


The frame line is called Erin's World.  Maria named the line after her

daughter who has DS.  These specialized frames provide a custom fit

for your child's unique facial features. 


These frames are made from titanium and memory flex which create a

flexible bridge and temples that can spring out 180 degrees.  Temples (arms)

are shorter in overall lenght; frame fronts are extra wide with a low set

bridge.  The lens shapes are designed to put your child's eye in the exact

center of their lens.


Erin's World frames were released to the public in June 2008.  Maria has

designed frames for infants up through adults in a variety of colors.  We will

be carrying a sample of each of her designs.  


The mission of the Erin's World frame line is simple:


To improve the sight and quality of life for children with DS



Do you suffer from

"Digital Eye Strain"?


Symptoms of DES include:


*  Tired Eyes

*  Headaches

*  Eyestrain

*  Neck & Shoulder Pain


Sound familiar?


The Zeiss Officelens will get your DES under control by alleviating all of the above symptoms of Digital Eye Strain.


Three distinctive designs are available…BOOK...DESK…OFFICE…and these designs are available in several different lens materials.


Top this lens off with a blue blocking anti-reflective coating and you have a lens that will not only allow you to be more productive at work…but also allow you to FEEL better while you are at work.


The design of the lens gives the wearer an extremely large intermediate area for arms length activities plus a super large reading area. The office design does have a small distance viewing area at the top so you are able to see who is entering your office when busy on the computer. 


The Zeiss Officelens  is also wonderful for hobbyists. Whether you needlepoint, paint, build models, create dollhouse miniatures or are an avid computer gamer...these lenses work!


Sonic Cleaning & Inspection - $10.00

Clean, sanitize, brighten, beautify, remove gunk, etc. Recommended every six months.


Eyeglass Problem Diagnosis - $25.00

Quality control check of your eye glasses for NON-EYEBALL CLIENTS


Frame Fitting - Varies

Eyeglasses, not made in our shop, will be fitted for a fee.  This fee depends on what I actually have to do to make your eyeglass frames fit you.   


Frame Repairs - Varies

Even if you got your eyeglasses at this shop a fee might be required depending on what this repair entails. 

Special Optical Services

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