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Did you the state of Maryland, Opticians are not licensed?

That means any company who deals with eyeglasses, can hire any one to make your eyeglasses.

What does that statement mean? It means that at all optical dispensers in our state: companies like Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, Hour Eyes, Sam’s Club, LensCrafters, Pearl Vision Center and a host of other optical retailers, can hire people who have “no optical experience”…to fit you, measure you and make your eyeglasses.

What does this mean for the consumer? It means less than professional, skilled service. This lack of experience, lack of knowledge, mistakes, remakes…means - frustration.

The person who cuts your hair is licensed…

The person who does your nails is licensed…

But the person, who makes your eyeglasses so you can drive, work, read, or use the computer…isn’t licensed. “Scary.”

Ask yourself these questions:

Have you ever purchased a pair of eyeglasses that you couldn’t use because you felt they weren’t right…something was off?

Have you ever purchased eyeglasses that were too big or too small for you?

Have you ever tried progressive lenses and you felt something wasn’t quite right…only to be told by the “Optician” that it just takes time to get used to the lenses or that maybe you just can’t wear progressive lenses?

Have you ever purchased eyeglasses that were too heavy?

Have you ever purchased eyeglasses where the lenses were too thick or so thin that the lenses chipped?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you were probably waited on by an unqualified person who called himself or herself an Optician.

The above questions are just a small sampling of what can go wrong if you purchase eyeglasses from an establishment that uses unqualified help.

In the most rigorously licensed States, such as Ney York, New Jersey, Ohio and California: State Licensing requires a minimum of 2 years in an college level Ophthalmic Science Program, plus 4 to 6 years of apprenticeship; where you apprentice under a State Licensed professional.

Also, a rigorous State Dispenser’s licensing examination requires three full 8 hour days of testing along with 12 Continuing Education Credits per year to maintain your license to practice.

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