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Beware of On-line Eyeglass Sellers

In order to "hook-in" their unaware customers, most on-line eyeglass sellers will tell you that "your neighborhood optical shop will be happy to provide you with your pupilary distance (Pd) measurement at no charge." This is a lie!

The process of determining an accurate PD measurement requires time, skill and the use of expensive, sophisticated optical devices. No serious, competent optician will do this work for free.

At Eyeballs, we use two different types of machines to take a precisely accurate PD measurement. We charge $50 and require a wavier releasing us from any and all responsibility for your on-line purchase.

Why the waiver? Because direct experience has shown us that the on-line sellers are incapable of delivering an optically accurate pair of eyeglasses despite accurate PD measurements.

For you to see clearly and comfortably there are actually several different measurements that are required to fabricate a quality pair of eyeglasses. In addition to your PD, the other essential optical measurements are the panoscopic angle, wrap, vertex distance, bridge size and optical center.

These measurements are specific to the particular eyeglass frame you are purchasing. This cannot be done on-line. In fact, these additional, essential measurements are ignored by all on-line companies. The result; your visual acuity will be compromised or worse just can't see.

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